Feb 3, 2014


While my mother-in-law was cleaning out her mother's basement, she found this bench and thought of me so she asked if I wanted it. I thought-a free piece of furniture with 100% potential?-Yes please! It was a pretty quick transformation because the bench was in good shape-it just had been used quite a bit. I unscrewed the cushion and replaced the material with a wool/flannel fabric. I just stapled the fabric to the bottom of the seat. Then I sanded the bench and stained it a dark walnut. When the stain dried, I taped off the legs, covered up the rest of the chair and spray painted the bottom of the legs gold. 

And that was it. Not too much work for a bench that looks completely brand new! And it was free because I had everything I needed already-I just love those types of projects! Maybe you should go digging around your grandma's basement to see if she's ready to part with some hidden treasures :)


  1. It's so fun being able to create something beautiful out of something old. If I had more room in my house I'd be doing this all the time!!


  2. Wow!! This is an impressive transformation!! Doesn't even look like the same piece. Great job.

  3. This is beautiful! Great job :) I love the yellow ... Thanks for sharing, Erin

  4. This is fantastic!

    You ROCK for linking up this week to Tip Me Tuesday. {high fives}

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    Simply login and click "add a project" on your profile page to get started. {yep I've got your back!}
    ~ Laurie {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}
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  5. Boy o boy o boy, fabulous transformation! You have a lovely blog, it held me right from the creative header, your newest follower is here :) Found you through Tip Junkie.


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