Jan 24, 2013

juicing + my favorite juice recipe

Before the holidays, my husband and I started a competition to see who could loose 5 pounds the fastest (note to self: right before the holidays is a bad time to start any sort of dieting competition). We were both equally unsuccessful and each gained a pound. Then a few weeks ago my husband and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and we thought, hey... maybe this is how we could lose our 5 pounds! Neither of us felt like we were fat, sick or nearly dead and we do try hard to eat healthy... but we both knew we could be eating a bit healthier. So after being inspired by the documentary, we went out and bought this juicer and lots of fruits and vegetables and got juicing!
I was surprised that we still ended up spending about the same amount of money, if not a little more, buying all fruits and vegetables. (We also still had to buy food for the kids- all whole grains and some organic which also costs a little more). I did a 4 day reboot-meaning that I drank three juices a day and that's all I ate! (We followed the documentary's blog for the rebooting info.) After the reboot- we have moved to eating two juices a day and one normal meal, still very high in micronutrients. (You can read more about micronutrients here). I think the reboot can act as a launching pad for you to eat healthier.

**Disclaimer** I know that some health professionals don't always recommend juicing for a long time-if at all. I know, because I have friends who are health professionals and they didn't seem overly excited about our juicing... but we knew that our late night cookie and ice cream eating wasn't good either... so this was merely a way for us to get back on the right track. Juicing isn't for everyone. 
It has been interesting loading up on all of these fruits and vegetables. I have always loved eating fruits and vegetables... but this is way more than I used to eat. I feel like it has curbed some of my cravings. I am a lot more conscious of what's going in my mouth. Both my husband and I were surprised to realize how much we sneak in during the day, i.e. those few extra goldfish left on my kids plate or a piece of candy from a jar on my husband's secretary's desk. We don't eat that anymore because we have trained ourselves to only have our prepared meals or juice. I think my taste buds have changed a little and I can actually "feel" healthier because I know I am filling my body with nutrient rich foods.

Anyway... for those of you who like to juice, I thought I would share one of my favorite fruit and vegetable combos. I love making the fruit only combinations-they are so good! But I am usually left hungry faster if I eat only fruits or just a tiny bit of vegetables. My husband eats the mostly vegetable combinations and is never hungry... so I make sure to balance it out and have half veggies and half fruit at least.

Green Morning Juice:
(serves 1)
1 pear
1 apple
2 celery stalks
2 leafs of romaine lettuce
A few other combinations we like: 
1. carrots, celery, apples, oranges, romaine lettuce
2. green apple, orange (peeled), leafy greens-kale, spinach romaine
3. mango, peach, carrots
4. beets, carrots, oranges

I have also made a few other really yummy micronutrient rich foods that I will share with you later. I still have a few other food posts that I did a few weeks ago and will post them in the next few weeks... but when you see them, just know I am only dreaming of eating that kind of food, instead I am staring down at this every morning and evening! Eventually we will go down to only juicing in the morning. 

Ok, now for the weight loss... I am sure you are wondering if we lost our 5 pounds, which is the whole reason why we started doing this right!? Well, after a four day reboot (only juice), I lost 6 pounds. And so far my husband lost 13- he is still juicing, his goal is 20 pounds so he thinks he will get there in a couple of days. So that would make it a total of 20 pounds lost in 13 days of only juice for him. Then he will be the same size he was in high school :) He actually lost his first 5 pounds after only the first day of juicing and it took me 4 days... so technically he won our little competition :( Now is the hard part of maintaing our weight loss which we plan to do with our regular exercise, juicing in the mornings and eating high micronutrient food throughout the day. I know I am going to have to splurge in there with my brownies and pizza... it just won't be as often :)


  1. Yay! I just bought my Breville Juicer last weekend, and I'm in LOVE with it. I'm not a bit fan of veggies, and we watched Fat, Sick and Dead as well, so we decided to give it a go.

    I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy it. So far my favorite combo is Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, a Green Apple and a dash of lime. So delicious, and healthy.

    We're still playing around with it a bit before we do our rebot because I've done smoothie cleanses in the past and the worst thing I did going in was not finding tasty recipes beforehand. The last thing you want is to be starving and try to force yourself to drink something that's nasty :(

    How did you like the beet combo? My fiance tried a beet recipe and (against my judgement) added onions, and it was AWFUL! So now I'm terrified to go near the beets.


    1. Yeah I like the beet combo, it was on the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead website I think and it says it's good for energy boosting so I drink it before I go to the gym. I just make sure that I add enough oranges to mask the earthy beet taste :) You should check out that Fat Sick and Nearly Dead blog to get some recipe ideas, but don't try the green pepper/cucumber one it tastes disgusting!

    2. One thing I found that makes the beet juice even better is if you peel the beets and don't include the stalks. Also, adding a cucumber makes everything better.

    3. Yes, and I peeled the beets. You liked cucumber? I thought it was a little acidic like vinegar.... but maybe I should try peeling it next time.

  2. I would LOVE to get this juicer eventually, so that I can make some delicious juices for my kids, I don't think I can do a liquid cleanse though, I wouldn't last half a day. Congrats to you and your husband, how awesome that you both have stuck with it, and that it has worked.

  3. So I bought a Breville juicer after watching Hungry for Change - and just recently watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I am dying to try a 3 day cleanse but I HATE being hungry! I just finished a 21 day sugar detox so I'm off all processed foods, sugars, grains, etc. which I think will make it easier - plus we have been drinking veggie juice in the mornings with breakfast.

    How did you do with feeling hungry? I can't imagine the juice legitimately fills you up because all the fiber gets taken out?? But I bet it would be a great way to cleanse out your system.

    1. Hi, yes I was hungry a lot that's one reason why I only did it four days! :) However, we did notice that when you have a vegetable juice over a fruit juice, you stay full longer. Like I mentioned above, my husband was rarely hungry. There was once he felt hungry and got a headache and it was after he drank one of my juices that had a lot of fruits in it. A doctor friend told us that the sugars in the fruit give you a little boost and then your body crashes a little, just like a sugar high. So I would say get all the yummy food out of your house so that you aren't tempted to eat it and also make sure your juices are loaded with veggies. That might help with the hunger pains.

  4. I'm dreaming of a juicer! These recipes look wonderful, and I'll be giving them a try once I choose a juicer.

    How did you decide on which juicer to purchase? Are you happy with the one that you chose?

    1. We saw the Breville brand on the documentary and read good things about it. We didn't want to spend much more than $200 and this one says it's easier to clean than the others. We really like it. They do sell a $150 one but I think it takes a little longer to clean.

  5. I like reading about different juice combinations! Thanks!

  6. Oh this looks great! I am going to use this during the 30 Day Health Challenge http://bodyandmindhealth.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/30-day-health-challenge/

  7. I love the different juice recipes! Your straw is adorable too!


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