Dec 19, 2011

customized {creative} wrapping paper

I decided to get a little creative with some of my gift wrapping... not all of my gifts... just a few. 
white out pen
brown paper bags or brown packing wrapping paper
ribbon, twine
hot glue gun
 {I wrote a little note about the gift on this one}

For the flowers:
Cut little pieces like in the picture below, then hot glue the petals to the circle. I crumpled up a piece of paper for the center. I also curled up the edges of the petals. Then hot glued it to the gift.
For this bow/flower: cut pieces similar to those in the picture below. Hot glue them to the circle. I crumpled up some paper and hot glued it to the middle of the bow to make it like a flower, but you could continue with the pattern and add more strips of paper to make it look more like a bow.
I love wrapping gifts. I probably wouldn't wrap my kids presents like this, because it can be very time consuming. Instead, I give my kids each their own wrapping paper as a way to keep their presents separate and organized. My mom always did this with my presents and I loved it because it was always so exciting to see what wrapping paper she would pick for me each year. This year I am starting a tradition where I wrapped one present for the kids with this type of personalized wrapping paper so that every year they will get a "special" little present from mom.

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